Finest Korean Restaurants

Montreal is just one of one of the most lovely cities in Canada along with in North America. Found along the beautiful St. Lawrence River, the city of Montreal provides the abundant taste of different ethnicities. Though the city is not only known for its Korean cuisine, yet Montreal Korean restaurants are located everywhere.

Montreal shares a close cultural connection with South Eastern Asian delicacies. Today, authentic Korean cuisines supplying the taste of Eastern Asia can be delighted in at the Korean restaurants in Montreal. The city supplies you a large variety of Korean restaurants to pick from.

The majority of Korean restaurants in Montreal are one-of-a-kind presenting the abundant society of Korea. They are decorated using the typical Korean plans and designs. So, allow’s figure out the most effective Korean dining establishments in Montreal to take pleasure in the authentic Korean taste!


Positioned near Maison Bulgogi, Arirang is just one of the most effective recognized eateries in Montreal offering visitors MSG-free Korean foods. The list of menu consists of the zesty stews, teok-bok-gi, stew comprised of crunchy rice cake and also fish cake, all of which are offered at a basic Korean price. An additional item worth-tasting includes garlicky beef bi bim bap which is offered with vegetables, sliced beef as well as fried egg.

Korea House

The Korea House offers laid-back great dining experience in a comfy setting offering guests beer and also a glass of wine. Out here you can appreciate a variety of authentic Korean dishes like Korean styled noodles, Bulgogi, fried dumplings, as well as Jap Tchae provided with lots of Korean garnishes like pickled cucumbers, bean sprouts, garlic chili, kamchi and also the sesame oils. For the enjoyment of the site visitors, karaoke music is played on the dining establishment premises.


Atti brings you typical Korean recipes offered at Korean price. You will find call buttons as well as old Korean print decoration at every table for signaling the waitress. An upscale and modern atmosphere, you will certainly locate prominent dishes like bibimbap, bulgogi beer haemul kimchijeon, as well as delicious pancakes studded with kimchi and fish and shellfish portions all of which requires a wonderful lunch or supper. A lot of vegetarians will such as the vegan tofu stew and pleasant potato noodles with veggies offered at this Montreal restaurant.

La Maison Bulgogi

La Maison Bulgogi serves a wide array of Korean foods at a practical Korean price. This tiny room and minimal decor electrical outlet concentrates on serving seasoned beef, bulgogi, spicy stews, dol sot bi bim bap, rice, beef and vegetables offered in piping hot stone container or pot.

Hwang Kum

Hwang Kum is among the most noteworthy Korean dining establishments in Montreal offering you one of the most genuine preference of Korean recipes. It uses you plain decoration and calls for a fantastic lunch place in Sherbrooke road location. And also the restaurant offers you a restaurant styled supper during the night.

Koko Restaurant & Bar

The Koko restaurant as well as bar located in Downtown Montreal is one of the latest entrants in the exquisite scene of the city. This warm as well as jovial space offers you a collection of specific diverse food selection of Asian passionate meals. You can find sushi food selection, Asian fusion menu of different local foods that include Korean foods like Kimchi side meals as well as the Korean spiced eco-friendly beans. Other Asian recipes to search for include Thai specialties, Tandoori as well as Asian meals.

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